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The Find It Early Act will ensure that women never have to compromise their breast health—or their lives—because they cannot afford preventive breast care.

Download our fact sheet to see how this legislation could eliminate the "hidden costs" of a breast cancer diagnosis.

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Fact Sheet 101

How to use a fact sheet

Fact sheets are tools you can use to educate yourself and your legislators. Here are a couple of simple ways you can use them: 

  • Read it! And when you're finished, share it with your network so they can educate themselves too. 
  • Email the fact sheet to your legislator. They have people asking things of them all the time, so putting the facts in front of them, makes it more likely that they will take action.
  • Hand out fact sheets where it feels relevant to teach the larger public about an issue—your health care provider, a book club, a community meeting, or any store that makes sense.

    Get the Fact Sheet

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One of the best ways to jump into action and effect meaningful change is to contact your representative. But—that can seem a little overwhelming. Who are they? What would I say?

We get it, so we've made it easy.

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