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The Boulevard is a coalition of givers, advocates, educators, and physicians, bound together by the same belief:
early detection is the key to saving lives.


$25 per month

Helps arm over 1,000 women with vital early detection education.

“I know how important education is, as well as staying connected to great physicians and organizations. It is disturbing to hear and read that the breast cancer death rate for black women is 40% higher than white women. The Brem Foundation has continued to educate women about the race disparities in breast cancer rates in efforts to close the gap. I am here today not as a breast cancer survivor, but as someone who has benefited from early detection education and access to healthcare.” 

- Rochelle Wilson

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See what $50 can do

$15 per month

Provides 6 women with rides to their annual breast screenings

Maria’s last mammogram was in 2014 when her doctor told her she had cysts. Affording annual mammograms was too much for her without health insurance, so she waited five years. In 2019 she felt her cysts changing and was worried. Maria was so concerned that she reached out to Brem’s partner, Nueva Vida, where she was offered a cost-free ride through Wheels for Women. It was only because of Wheels for Women that Maria got her mammogram. 

Unfortunately, Maria’s mammogram showed abnormalities. She needed a follow-up ultrasound and biopsy, and again used Wheels for Women to get to and from those appointments. Without Wheels for Women, Maria wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get the breast care she needed.

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See what $25 can do

$50 per month

Provides 20 rides so women in need can get critical breast care

Isabella came to the US from El Salvador four years ago. She doesn’t speak English, cannot navigate public transportation, and doesn’t have health insurance. She struggles daily to make ends meet. But because cancer claimed many of her family members’ lives, she made a mammogram appointment. Her only transportation option was a ‘ratiero’ - a private community driver. He charged her $120 for the ride. Isabella had to pick up extra shifts at night to pay him back. 

Then she got a call: she needed to come back for a diagnostic test. With no way to get there, Isabella thought her luck had run out. Luckily, she was wrong. Because of Wheels for Women, Isabella was picked up and dropped off for free. Now Isabella knows that if she ever needs more tests, transportation will not be her barrier.

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$100 per month

Provides 12 ultrasounds for women in need

On July 17, 2020 Jesika went for her breast ultrasound and was told that she needed a biopsy. 

Jesika said, “At that moment, I felt very concerned with my lack of insurance and worried about my health.” 

She applied for state insurance and was denied. When she explained her situation to her breast care specialist at Adventist, she was told there was a way they could help. Adventist said they would be able to cover the cost of Jesika’s biopsy through the Brem Foundation’s B-Fund. 

“I was filled with joy, and I was so thankful because a program that could help people like me, who could not pay otherwise, existed.”

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$150 per month

Provides 6 underserved women with diagnostic mammograms

Maya was laid off as a result of COVID-19. In the midst of the crisis, her doctor called with some unwelcome news: she needed a diagnostic mammogram. Her initial screening mammogram showed an abnormality. 

At that point, the cards were stacked against Maya. The sole caretaker of the family, she was unemployed, uninsured, without transportation, and afraid of going out and catching the virus. She also only speaks Spanish. 

After talking with Catholic Charities and Adventist HealthCare, Maya was able to get to and from her appointment through a cost-free ride from Wheels for Women, and received assistance through Brem's B-Fund to get a diagnostic mammogram at Adventist. In the end, the doctor informed her that everything looked okay. She was advised to follow-up in six months and confirm that all is still well. 

Maya was relieved. “I feel relieved and happy to know that I am okay. I was very worried about going out, but the fact that I had a private vehicle to go to my appointment made me feel that it was okay to go. I didn’t want to take public transportation with many other people, not now with the virus.”

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$500 per month

Provides 12 uninsured women with core-needle biopsies to know whether abnormalities on their mammograms are cancer

Imelda lives in a homeless shelter. When she found a lump in her breast, she knew she had a problem that needed care but wasn’t sure where to turn. Without a phone and unable to arrange transportation to a diagnostic appointment for herself, Imelda was connected to our partners at Breast Care for Washington where she was able to get transportation via the Brem Foundation sponsored Lyft program, Wheels for Women. Thanks to Wheels for Women and the B-Fund (providing diagnostic test funding for women in need), Imelda was able to have the biopsy she needed and is receiving the treatment for the cancer her diagnostic imaging revealed.

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Partners in Early Detection

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes. When caught early, over 95% of women survive and thrive after their diagnosis. That’s why it’s so important to pave a path towards earlier detection.

As a member of the Boulevard, you’re working alongside the Brem Foundation to shine light on the importance of annual, personalized screenings. You are saving lives by giving women the tools they need to advocate for themselves, and you’re providing access to excellent breast care for those who need it most.

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Your Monthly Gift (in an amount of your choosing) supports Brem Foundation initiatives to:



every woman on the importance of early

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for policies to expand access to excellent breast care for all women

Raise Your Voice



breast care costs for uninsured and underinsured women

Access Care

The Path to Best Breast Health

The Boulevard is like a throughway, connecting each woman on their unique road to breast health with something greater. It’s where supporters meet thrivers; researchers and advocates unite; and partners connect with women seeking the care they need and deserve.

Chart a course toward the Boulevard

What You Get

Benefits of the Boulevard

A one-time gift at sign-up

thanking you for your donation and for joining the Boulevard community

Invites to select events

and networking opportunities bringing together members of the Boulevard and others committed to raising the standard for breast care

Access to exclusive content

from Dr. Brem (CMO of the Brem Foundation), Clare Dougherty (CEO of the Brem Foundation), and/or other experts (twice a year)

Annual newsletters

communicating Brem Foundation updates, wins, advocacy opportunities, and a breakdown of how donations from the Boulevard were spent

What You Give

Benefits of the Boulevard

Free rides to breast screenings

and diagnostics for women in need through Wheels for Women

Vital screenings and breast diagnostic tests

and breast diagnostics for uninsured and underinsured women

Early detection education

that is accurate, data-driven information, so women of all backgrounds know their risk factors, screening options, and how to self-advocate

Physician Training

 for Brem Fellows training in Radiology to be community educators

Sustainable Revenue

for an innovative nonprofit

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What You Give
What You Get

Our Impact


people educated



screening & diagnostic tests covered



rides covered



physicians trained



bras collected and donated



genetic kits administered


Your Monthly Gift

This is more than a community—this is a movement. The Boulevard seeks to raise the standards of breast care everywhere.

So, if you want the conversation around breast cancer to start with early detection; if you want to ensure all women have access to the screenings and diagnostics they need; and if you want to save lives—start the journey with us. Join the Boulevard today!

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